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Bringing Back Colour

Rich and bold colours and patterns are in!

A few years ago, the trend was to have as many shades of grey in our interiors as possible, with minimal pops of colour, with many claiming ‘grey is the new white’. This trend is now fading, and colour and patterns are coming back.

The most common reason why people shy away from colour is that they are unsure what effect that colour tones will create – will it make my room look small? Dark? Or what if it’s just too strong of a statement and I have to repaint or start again?

However people are now becoming braver in their colour choices and are often choosing deeper colours in their interiors, as this is the most effective way of creating a statement in the room. These deeper tones are easily complimented by lighter and softer tones, in colours, soft furnishings and decoration.

A prime example of bringing colour back into interiors is by having a feature wall. This can be achieved by having a patterned tile on one wall, matched with a plain tile and/or colour on the rest of the walls and floors, or by having one wall of patterned wallpaper and the rest painted plainly or by having a bold colour on one wall matched with a plain colour. The possibilities are endless and this can be achieved easily without having to completely redecorate.

What are your thoughts on bold colours and patterns?