Large Format Tiles

Twenty years ago a 300 x 300 mm (12 inch square) floor tile was the norm, but with the advance of technology and the influence of Italian design pushing the boundaries, tile sizes have increased with 600 x 600 mm more likely to be the floor tile size of choice.   At present the largest tile available is in the order of 1600 x 3200 mm – each tile works out as 5.12 m2 – most of us really don’t have bathrooms or kitchens that big!  We are, however, seeing an increased interest in 600 x 1200 mm and 1200 x 1200 mm and are extending our ranges in these sizes.

Large format tiles do look stunning and give a very clean, modern, minimal & uncluttered look, perfect for open plan living areas.  Less grout joints makes cleaning easier and give a seamless feel.

Suitable to walls and floors, providing the surface is flat, well prepared and the appropriate adhesives and grouts are used.  Generally porcelain (ceramic up to 1000 x 300 mm & for walls only), they are practical, hard-wearing, have low porosity and most offer good frost resistance.

Available in depths from 3.5 mm to 12 mm, they offer great versatility – the thinner depths perfect for laying over existing wall tiles, easier to lift and handle, the thicker depths providing solid, hard-wearing, long-lasting flooring suitable for domestic and commercial use.

A few things to be aware of:

Cutting can be a bit more challenging, we have an experienced stonemason and machinery on site and offer a full cutting service.

Expansion joints are highly likely to be needed plus using the correct adhesive and grouts are essential.  We have a full range of fixing materials, cleaning & maintenance products and are on hand with friendly, knowledgeable help and advice.